President David Archer opened the meeting and led the members in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Doug Motz gave the invocation.

Lothar Vasholz was a $5.00 raffle winner.

Visitors included Wes Barrett, guest of Bob Wright.  Wes, a potential new member with Wells Fargo Bank, was visiting for a second time.  Visiting Rotarian, Steve Levine from Frisco, Colorado, is shown exchanging club flags with President David.


Joe LaMantia reminded everyone that the Annual Rotary PRYDE event will be held this weekend, beginning Saturday, May 5th, and ending Sunday afternoon, May 6th.   He invited everyone, and suggested any and all Rotarians stop by the “Thousand Pines Camp and Conference Center” in Crestline as guests of Rotary for the day, to see for ourselves what great fun and educational things happen at this fine event for our 7th graders.

Dick Anderson reminded all members that everyone’s 2011-12 Rotary International Foundation contribution is due before June 30th.  While $150 per member is the suggested annual gift, we are encouraged to “give all we can”, and the true spirit of Rotary is exemplified by the generous giving of, “Every Rotarian-Every Year”.  Send your checks to Corry Hunter, payable to Rotary InternationalMail to PO La Quinta Rotary Club, Box 785, La Quinta, CA 92247.  Dick also reminded us that the first Paul Harris award contribution is matched 50-50 by the club, so any member’s first Paul Harris only costs $500!!  Rotary International also matches all donations with Rotary Recognition Points through the end of June.  Our Club matches $.50 on the Dollar for Paul Harris contributions in the name of any Rotarians’ family members.

President David reported that the La Quinta City Picnic on April 28th was a great success.  The annual LQ Rotary Hot Dog Giveaway awarded our fellow citizens and their families with 1216 Hot Dogs!

The monthly LQ Rotary Board Meeting will be held at David Archer’s office (LQ Chamber of Commerce –LQ Public Library Building) next Wednesday, May 9th, 8:00 a.m.

A Membership Mixer and Friendship Gathering will be held at the home of Jim (Jimbo) and Karen Dorr, 69-645 Redford Way, Indio.  Please RSVP to notices E-Mailed out this past weekend.

La Quinta’s 4th of July Celebration and Picnic will be held on Wednesday, July 4th, at the City Park on Avenue Montezuma in La Quinta.  Rotarian Beer Sellers and Bartenders are needed at the Rotary Beer Booth.  Please respond to forthcoming notices.

Finemaster, Allan Levin caught and nailed David Turner $5.00 for his late arrival today.  Allan auctioned-off the “Fine Free” badge for the month of May.  After spirited bidding, it went to President David Archer for $47.00.  Sandra Lauer Paid a (generous) $60.00 Birthday fine and Bruce Underwood honored Don Adolph with a $5.00 contribution for the Mayor’s support of the ‘Bump and Grind Trail’.  Affiliate members Dick Grund and Ben Hofheimer are leaving us for their annual return to the snow, rain and cold of the Pacific Northwest and mid-Atlantic coast, respectively.  Grund paid a generous fine of $26.00 covering the both of them - in hopes to assuage Finemaster Levin’s eager fundraising enthusiasm of the day.  LeRoy Anderson paid a missed meeting penalty of $10.00, and Sandra Moffitt Adams paid $5.00 for a happiness celebration.  Bruce Cathcart admitted to wining the “3rd Place Low Net” trophy in the recent Realtors Golf Tournament.  He begrudgingly came up with a miserly $2.00, explaining that he, after all, was supporting a worthy cause.  Jeff Wattenbarger celebrated his recent appointment as the new Managing Director of Habit for Humanity with a $5.00 contribution.

Our guest Speaker was Dr. Jennifer Hui, MD (Ophthalmologist and Eye Surgeon).  She is the operator of the “Eyelid Institute” in Palm Desert, and is noted for pursuing this very unique and specialized area of eye care.  She and her staff handle everything from disfiguring eye injuries to plastic surgery of the eyelids and environs, the correcting of tear duct abnormalities and diseases, and performing any and all cosmetic or functional enhancements to the eyes of men, women and children.  A recent development in her field is the discovery of a treatment to remarkably grow and lengthen eyelashes by applying a medication to the eyelid hair follicles called the Latisse process.

President David closed the meeting at 1:30 PM by leading the recitation of the Rotary 4-way test.