Following the flag salute, President Dan asked all in attendance to share a moment of silence in memory of Jacques Abels who passed on May 9th.  Dan reported that Jacques daughter said a memorial service would be planned for next fall, around Jacques birthday time. 

As the temperature begins to rise, the population of snowbirds begins to fall.  Friday was no exception.  But we did have a few guests, including visiting Rotarian Bob Woodward (North Carolina) and his son Rob (Colorado).

David Archer, soon on his way to the RI Convention in New Orleans, requested volunteers to help with our hospitality room at the District Conference, June 10th through the 12th.  The conference will have a beach party theme.  Joe LaMantia reminded everyone about the PRYDE program this weekend and the opportunity for Rotarians to observe some of the program on Saturday.  Judith Redwine announced that the club will began work on a Community Opportunity Grant next Rotary year to benefit Habitat for Humanity in La Quinta.  Ideas and suggestions are welcome.  Dick Anderson invited club members to join a group of about 80 Rotarians from District 5280 who, as part of their District Conference being held in Indian Wells, will have a Rotary Work Day on Saturday.  Work will be done at Habitat for Humanity in La Quinta, Martha’s Village and Kitchen in Indio and Olive Crest in Coachella.  Helen Anderson and Jeff Wattenbarger will be assisting.  Mike Sutton was a $5.00 winner in the raffle.  Rusty and his handlers accepted a check for $1,000.00 presented to Guide Dogs of the Desert as a charity honored at our recent golf tournament.


 Sergeant At Arms Allan found a high bidder in Walter Keating for the Fine Free Badge for this month.  Then he and Palmer Riedel engage in a discussion of finances, unauthorized withdrawals and prompt payment.  He then turned his attention to recognition of “no make ups” for Bret, Joe Lee, Frank and Mike.  Mayor Don was recognized for an article in the newspaper about solar power at a city project.  Nick Kraushaar was also in the news with an article about his new business, NK Mediation.  Happy dollars were offered by David, Bruce and Helen.


Dr. Robert Paccioni gave us all hope when he presented the early life of Albert Einstein.  It seems that Einstein was a failure at almost everything he tried from a very early age.  He was described as being on the path to failure and obscurity, but he never quit.  And then in 1921 he won the Nobel Prize and was later named “the greatest mind of our age” by Time Magazine.  His work provided definitive proof of atoms and he made discoveries that led to the development of photoelectric cells, lasers, GPS theory and microelectronics.  His famous equation, E=mC2, described the relationship between energy and matter.  One day soon this may lead to a low cost, sustaining and non-polluting source of energy through nuclear fusion.