Shortly after noon, President Dan called the meeting to order and asked Tom McDermott to lead us in the pledge. He then asked for a volunteer to offer an invocation. Let's just say our friend from the north will not be leading a congregation anytime soon. We had a number of visitors from Canada, Washington, Oregon and California.

Wells Marvin was our host for a well attended mixer at his restaurant, the Main Street Grille. Apparently several folks did not realize that it was a "no host" event. I hope by now they have made good on their bills.

Our golf tournament is just five weeks away. It cannot be successful without everyone's support. There are some important things for all of us to do. We need golfers. Talk to your friends, neighbors, family members, strangers on the street; we need them all. Next we need Tee Signs. That is where we will make the money to support our programs and our scholarships. Check you receivables and offer a discount to anyone who buys a tee sign. Check you payables and tell them you will pay them when they buy a tee sign. Then we need prizes for our raffle and auction. Check with the people where you dine, where you purchase specialty items, or have your car serviced. We need drawing prizes valued in the $30-$100 range. We need bigger ticket items like a timeshare week, a great dining package, etc. for the silent auction. This is the time to make the big push. Don't let it fall on the shoulders of the golf committee. On the day of the tournament, non-golfing members are needed to check in golfers, sell raffle tickets, watch the "Hole In One" hole, etc. We ALL need to be a part of this great tournament.

Dick Jandt can still use a couple of people to deliver lunches at the La Quinta Arts festival. He has openings on Saturday, March 12th. Deliver lunch to a starving artist and see the rest of the show.

Merv won the raffle and he drew a white marble. There aren't too many marbles left, making it a good time to be at Rotary the next several weeks.

Allan Levin, our erstwhile sergeant at arms, didn't have to go deep to find some easy money. There were a number of "no make ups", birthdays and anniversaries to feed the basket. An unusual fine was levied on Walter Keating for creating dissention in the sporting ranks. Nick had a "happy dollar" and Judith acknowledged the purchase of a new car.

Tom Flavin was our guest speaker. Tom is the new CEO of the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership. He spoke to us about economic and workforce development in the Coachella Valley. The key to the success is an organized business community. This is a community that embraces the global economy, has a vision, a business plan and effective leadership. He believes these elements are in place in our valley community and now the effort becomes one of executing the plan. One key to the plan is targeting industries that make sense in our area and encouraging them to bring operations to the valley. Some of those are health care, clean industry and tourism oriented companies. He is encouraged by the fact that our area has 432 scholarship students attending 58 colleges around the country. Returning to the valley to pursue their careers is a key function of the workforce development component.