Rey, Baird and Sandra are greeted by Sandy, Corry, Robert and Kevin
President-elect Baird called the meeting to order at 12:15 and lead us in the pledge of allegiance and Allan gave the invocation.
There were only a few visiting Rotarians in attendance today, including our good friend Barry Zwahlen from South El Monte who was here for his last meeting of the season last week, but decided to stay an extra week!
Also in attendance was our future District Governor Ricardo Loretta from the Palm Desert Rotary Club who took a moment to invite everyone up to the District Conference where this year’s theme involves the Beatles!
Ken Warner from the Thousand Oaks Rotary Club was also visiting us today.  Ken announced that he has 43 years of perfect attendance!  Wow!  Congratulations Ken and thank you for your dedication and service to Rotary!
There were no guests today, but Andy Lorenz made it back for the second week in a row and we are all hoping that this is a trend that will continue!
President-elect Baird reminded us that the DEMOTION Party will be held this year on June 23rd… Doug Motz assured us that it will be a great event filled with food, drink, fun and a few surprises!
Allan Levin announced that we have the opportunity once again to poor beer at the PS Air Museum celebrating “Props and Hops” this coming Memorial Day (Monday, May 29th).  He passed around a list which quickly filled as volunteers always have a good time at this event.  If you are interested in attending and helping out, please see Allan at the next meeting and he’ll get you all the info.
Bruce Cathcart took a few moments to induct and welcome (finally) our newest member (transferring Rotarian) Fred Campbell into our Club.
With only $66 in the raffle and approximately 305 white marbles and only one black marble in the magic bag Greg Lane drew a white marble… gee, what a surprise.  Congratulations Greg on your $5 win!
Our Fine Master Allan Levin began the day’s recognition by raffling off the fine free badge.  David Turner and Walter Keating went head to head right up to $55 when David graciously bowed out concerned for Walter’s financial wellbeing.  As we all know, Walter will be retiring in June and joining the ranks of our other “poor retired guys on fixed incomes”.  DT and DJ (David Turner and Dick Jandt) both arrived a bit tardy… DT covered his anniversary with wife Paula and his tardiness with C-note while DJ kicked in only $2 (apparently that’s all poor retired guys on fixed incomes can afford).  Fred Campbell donated $20 for the honor of finally being inducted into our club.
Sandra Moffitt with freshly painted toe nails had an extra $5 left over after her pedicure this day which she happily donated to our cause.  Jeff Fishbein paid $10 for having been published in “The Gem”… after Allan was kind enough to read his advertisement and lastly, Joe LaMantia announced a $20 bet against all comers that his Golden State Warriors will be the NBA Champs this year.  DT took the bet!  Loser pays the $20 to the club.
Our speaker this day was Earthquake Expert Dennis Mileti who proceeded to scare the hell out of us all with his frank talk on the Coachella Valley and the anticipated “Big One”!  How would the Coachella Valley be affected by "The Big One?" Think disaster.  "It will be the biggest earthquake in the history of the state. And it's more likely to happen than any other earthquake seismologists anticipate," Dennis told us.  “Think of the earth being 10 months pregnant!”  That earthquake is expected to affect all of Southern California with an epicenter forecast to be at Bombay Beach on the Salton Sea.  The quake is expected to last for 90 seconds and have a magnitude of 7.8. For a comparison, the devastating Northridge earthquake of 1994 lasted only seven seconds and had a magnitude of 6.7.  The Earth’s crust is like a shattered egg shell and we live on the fault line of two giant plates; the Pacific plate that goes from the Coachella Valley to Japan and the Atlantic plate that goes from the Coachella Valley to the mid-Atlantic ocean.  The bad news is that these two plates have been stuck together, building up pressure since the last “big one” in the year 1680!  Dennis advised us all that we would survive, but we all need to be better prepared.  He strongly recommended we obtain the booklet “Staying Safe Where the Earth Shakes” from the City of Rancho Mirage.  Here is the link to access this booklet directly:
This was an excellent and very informative presentation that definitely will benefit all concerned!
President-elect Baird called the meeting to a close at 1:30 PM with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart