Posted by Bruce Cathcart on Jun 08, 2018
Dan, Robert and Allan are greeted by Kevin, Sandy and Denn
President Robert called our meeting to order promptly at 12:15 and had Jimbo lead us in the pledge of allegiance. Denn delivered another great invocation and no doubt in honor of our speaker this day asked for blessings on all of our valley animals/pets.
With summer time temps already firing up the month of June here in the desert our turn out this day of only 17 made for a rather intimate luncheon!
Our only visiting Rotarian this day was our good friend Ken Warner from the Thousand Oaks Rotary Club.  Ken has 44 years of perfect attendance!
Sadly we had had no guests of members in attendance this day.
President Robert announced that there would be a Club Board Meeting to be held on June 20, 2018 at Corry Hunter’s office beginning at 5:30 PM.
Pictured above are (almost) all of this year’s Rotary Club of La Quinta La Quinta High School Scholarship recipients.  As Corry reminded us last week, we had so many award winning students this year (15) that it was difficult to fit them into one picture!  Next year we might want to try and group them a little closer together for the photo opportunity… just a suggestion.
With an even $500.00 in the raffle today Bruce C. had his ticket drawn.  Normally he would have our favorite server Tina draw the marble and split the winnings, but she was nowhere to be found when it came time to draw.  Instead Bruce asked our speaker Dr. Kathryn Carlson to do the honors and as luck would have it, Kathy drew the coveted black marble!!!
Our Fine Master Allan Levin took to the podium and his fine free assistant Bruce C. grabbed the collection basket.  To get things started off Bruce donated $100 of his share of the raffle winnings to the club.  The room then suddenly became silent and all eyes turned to Kathy… who did not hesitate for even a moment as she graciously and very generously matched the $100 from her winning share of the raffle. (Thank you Kathy!)  On this day 50 years ago Denn was married to the love of his life Susan and in honor of that blessed union Denn contributed the customary “buck a year”.  It went downhill pretty fast after that though… Jimbo had a no-no, 1 no make-up and no pin on. This reminded Dan that he had forgotten to wear his Rotary pin as well.  Jerry donated $5 as the hospital had located a new knee for his upcoming surgery.  Jerry advised all not to try the “osso bucco” at the hospital cafeteria next Wednesday!  Andy Lorenz was reminded of his anniversary with Sally… but apparently she had “forgotten” to leave him with any money when she dropped him off at the meeting.  We know who the wise one is in that marriage!  Our VR Ken donated 5 happy dollars as he was happy to see us all, Kevin threw in a fiver in honor of Baird’s immediate past presidency and finally this week David Turner showed up so late to this meeting that Allan considered him to be early for next week’s meeting.
Our speaker this day was our good friend and perennial Strut Your Mutt sponsor Dr. Kathryn J. Carlson D.V.M.  Kathy is the owner of the Village Park Animal Hospital located at the western point of the Village Park in Downtown La Quinta (51230 Eisenhower Dr.).
Kathy shared with us that she grew up in Dallas, Texas and that she knew she wanted to be a veterinarian at age 12.  She received her D.V.M. at the University of California at Davis in 1991 and started her practice with a staff of 2.  Through her sheer determination and an unwillingness to accept the answer “no” she has grown that practice from 2 to 42!  She and her staff occupy a beautiful new building where she provides “comprehensive services to meet all your pet’s needs whether they run, walk, slither, scurry or hop through the doors!”  Kathy practices good core values in her business and does her best to provide a stress free environment for both her staff and their patients.
A couple of “Hot Topics” that Kathy shared with us were reminders NOT to leave pets in parked cars on hot days (which they all are from now until November!) and that we still have rattlesnakes here in the desert and that they are most active early in the morning and late at night!  Kathy was very patient with us answering a barrage of questions ranging from Prozac for dogs, diet, dietary supplements, and pet insurance to dealing with the death of a pet. 
Kathy was a most excellent speaker and would make an even better Rotarian!  To learn more about Dr. Carlson and her practice please visit her website at:
President Robert called the meeting to a close at 1:30 PM with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart