Rotary Club of La Quinta

Service above self since 1985


The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance by President Doug Motz, at 12:15 PM, which was followed by the invocation by Judith Redwine. 
Guests were Barry of South El Monte, and Diane Stauffer of Stockton Rotary, among a few well known others whose names were drowned by background chatter. 
Joe Lamantia announced that new and very active member, Victoria Llort, will  volunteer as a “Tribal Elder” at Camp Ryla, at Crestline this year.  Past President, Robert Wilkinson participated in a Ryla Training session which featured rock climbing and an obstacle course, among other physical challenges, accompanied by former LQ Officer (President), fellow Rotarian, Andy Brakebill.  Both Rotarians returned from these physical challenges without broken bones or cracked heads, much to the surprise of the audience!
Corry Hunter reported that our recent SYM Dog Show was quite profitable, and stated that he will share the exact profits with us within a week or two.  Numbers were reported to be several thousand dollars which is outstanding!  Participation of numerous volunteer Rotarians at this event are deeply appreciated for their very generous “Service Above Self”.
District Conference for our District 5330, will be held at Lake Arrowhead Golf Club, hosted by the Lake Arrowhead Rotary Club,  beginning on May 13th, and continuing with numerous events and a golf tournament, all occurring on the 13th, 14th and 15th of May.  More to follow in the coming months.
Allan Levin won the $5.00 minimum, in today’s raffle.
Victoria Llort related the obviously true story of a blonde who had complained to the librarian about the book she was reading being so boring.  Turns out the woman realized she had stolen the library’s phone book!
Corry Kelly announced, and Doug Motz passed around a sign-up sheet, for the upcoming Chamber of Commerce member and guest mixer, to be held on March 23rd, at the Palms Athletic Club near Old Town L.Q.  Corry suggests we “Google” the club to get the address and a map.  (Address is 51-350 Desert Club Drive, Suite #3) 92253.
Fining Activity :  Tom McDermott outbid several suitors for the Fine-Free Badge – He paid a generous $40.00!
Allan conducted a liquor auction for a 12 bottle case of aluminum-bottled Budweiser, bought by Andy Lorenz for $12.00.  A 1.75 liter jug of Jack Daniels went for $25.00, and a 1.75 liter of Absolute Vodka went for $20.00.  These were the leftover items from this year’s DESERT STOCK!  Brett Anderson’s wife bid $40.00 for another unrelated item.
Doug Motz tossed $2.00 into the pot in celebration of our great recent weather!  Walter Keating popped for $5.00 as he admitted munching his motor home on a recent outing, but in celebration of his vehicle’s great service!  Dick Grund praised a visiting relative to the tune of $5.00.  Dr. Bruce donated $5.00 in behalf of the Kansas Jayhawk's basketball team’s recent success.
Today’s Speaker was Dr. Dana Churchill, M.D., relating many gory details of the gruesome practice of Forced Organ transplantation in China.  This has become a multi-million dollar business involving the Chinese group known as Falun Gong.  Recent news stories in the local press in the USA have exposed this barbaric activity.
This week’s news letter was written by Andy Lorenz