Bob and Barry are greeted by Sandy, Robert and Arnie
We gathered together once again as Rotarians and friends at the Cliff House where President Tom called the meeting to order at 12:15 and lead us in the pledge of allegiance.  Greg Lane gave the invocation.
There were several visiting Rotarians in attendance including our good friends Barry from South El Monte and Diane from Stockton.  Also joining us were repeat visitors Mark Wolfe from Salem, Oregon and Andrea Durrett from Palm Desert who brought with her several Girl Scout cookies for sale! Last but not least Doug Blender from Vancouver, Canada and Denny Davis from Washington State were also in attendance.
Our only guests this day was Dr. Bruce Underwood’s wife Janet and their friend Maureen from Calgary.
President Tom made the following announcements:
At our March 10th club meeting we will be having our annual club assembly at which time we will vote for our new Club Officers and Club and Foundation Board members.
The next Board meeting will be held at President Tom’s office on March 15th starting at 5:30 PM.  Tom’s office is located off of Country Club west of Washington at 77530 Enfield Ln, Palm Desert, CA 92211.
The City of La Quinta’s 35th anniversary and annual picnic will be held on Saturday April 29th.  We will be cooking and serving over 1,000 hot dogs to hungry La Quinta Citizens!  There will be more information to follow on this fun event in the meetings to come.
The DEMOTION Party to be held this year on June 23rd!
Jeff Wattenbarger is still recovering from his recent hip replacement surgery but by all reports is doing well and should return to our regular meetings in the near future.  We all send Jeff our best wishes for a speedy recovery.  Jeff will now join Walter and Joe as our “newest hip members”!
Baird shared with us that we will once again be hosting our Wine Event at the La Quinta Museum this year on April 21st.  Tickets will be $25.00 each and we are asking members to try and sell (or buy) at least 4 tickets each.  More info to follow on this popular event!
Robert Wilkinson shared with the club members that this year we will be sending 16 students to RYLA.  The club will be sponsoring 15 students and thanks to our affiliate member Bob Becker, he has funded a scholarship to send a 16th student this year.  Thank you Bob!!!
Joe LaMantia reminded club members that the easiest way to regularly contribute to the Rotary Foundation was through Rotary Direct.
Kevin Pickett, one of our newer members, shared several CD’s of his musical talent and asked that club members consider him when recommending musical entertainment at any upcoming events.  Kevin very generously offered to donate any fees that he receives to our Rotary Club.  Thank you Kevin!!!
Our raffle was worth well over $764.00 today and Dick Grund had the winning ticket.  Fortunately for the other club members and guests, Dick drew the white marble and won only $5.00… allowing the balance to carry over and continue building for next week’s drawing.
Our Fine Master Allan Levin stepped to the podium and wasted no time in recognizing Bruce Cathcart for being absent last week while his guest Hal Tilbury showed up and Allan (had to) graciously make sure Hal was well taken care of.  Dan Fissori paid for a missed board meeting, Sandy Lauer chipped in a few bucks in honor of the GREAT job that Corry Hunter did at Strut your Mutt, Dr. Bruce paid for a previous announcement plus his beloved Kansas basketball team doing so well, Walter jumped on the Kansas bandwagon for a few bucks and Baird made and paid for an infomercial about our newest member Penny’s Miracle Ear hearing screening.  He said his ears never had it so good!!!   Diane paid for and promoted Kevin’s CD saying that she thought it was great and how lucky we were to have such a talented musician in our club.  Bob Becker was the big winner at the Strut Your Mutt raffle winning the beautiful jewelry that was generously donated by our member Baird Boucher (Boucher’s Fine Jewelry) and made a contribution for his good fortune.  Affiliate member Abraham volunteered some happy dollars for his granddaughter’s birthday and finally our poor, retired affiliate member from Washington who struggles to get by each month repatriated his $5.00 raffle winnings and celebrated Gonzaga’s college basketball team’s #1 rating.
Our speaker this day was our very own Dr. Bruce C. Underwood.  Bruce is the Vice President of Healthy Futures & preventive care specialist who has dedicated his life to health and healing. Preventive Care Specialists provide integrated lifestyle counseling in the areas of addictive behaviors, exercise, nutrition, and stress for the prevention and treatment of chronic and degenerative diseases. This lifestyle counseling is provided on a personal, individualized basis. He earned his doctorate in preventive care and his second master’s degree in public health nutrition from Loma Linda University. He earned his first master’s degree in exercise physiology from the University of Kansas - Lawrence campus.
Bruce spoke to us today about… wait for it, being healthy.  He very cleverly made his presentation in the same fashion as our Four Way Test speech competitors do, using the 4-way test as a standard of reference.  The subject of Dr. Bruce’s presentation was the necessity of Omega 3 as an essential nutrient that MUST be ingested to maintain a healthy cellular membrane for the body’s over 3 trillion cells!  The main take-aways today were that by raising your Omega 3 levels you can be prevent 90% of sudden heart attacks and when it comes to Omega 3 and Omega 6, “Eat the 3 and nix the 6”.   To do so, eat flax seed, fish, fish oil and sea weed and to avoid eating corn, corn fed animal flesh, soy, sunflower and Safflower oils.   Dr. Bruce always provides us with an overwhelming amount of information with his presentations.  Of course Bruce welcomed questions and offered to make himself available to members in the future.  To visit Bruce’s website go to:
At 1:30 President Tom called the meeting to a close with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart