President Doug Motz called the meeting to order at 12:15.    Doug Motz led the Pledge of Allegiance and Abraham gave the invocation.
We had visiting Rotarians from near and far and a few seasonal people who were attending their last meeting- Victoria BC, Germany, Stockton and South El Monte.
Veteran’s Expo held at Fairgrounds April 2nd from 10-2:30.  Bruce Cathcart said they had enough volunteers but Rotarians were welcome to stop by and help out if they choose to attend.
Nick Kraushaar announced that scholarship applications would be reviewed April 13th and then there would be interviews April 19th from 8-2pm.  Contact Nick if you have interest in being a part of the process.
April 9th Rotarians are urged to meet at Old Town Coffee and then carpool to the Cove where the tree for Bill Cosgrove will be planted.
Victoria Llort gave the joke of the day- short, sweet, and I believe she didn’t offend anyone. 
Raffle winner was Andy Lorenz with a $5 prize.
 Allan Levin took to the podium and did his best to fill the coffers for a good cause. The fine free badge was the first of the items to attend to- there was fierce bidding but Sandy Lauer prevailed for Merv Kolb in his absence.   David Turner was fined for being late.   Nick Kraushaar paid for his wife’s birthday, Rey Neufeld paid early for his birthday.  Cory Kelly paid the tip money received from his Chamber mixer and thanked all who attended.   There were many no make-ups (myself included) along with quite a few happy dollars for the cause.
President Doug introduced the speaker for us today, Don Shapiro, whose talk was about leading with trust.   Don gave us some background information on himself along with some interesting statistics on “employment engagement”- the willingness to go above and beyond.  Companies whose employees score 65% and higher have operating revenues of up to 22% higher than their peers.  Don said we are truly in a crisis situation as far as leaders being developed today.  Leadership influences people to take action and has huge impacts on outcomes.  Great leaders build enough trust to influence people to enthusiastically join with them to make great things happen.  Don also distributed a handout which gave us the ten questions about the type of leader that can build trust and the seven building block of a trusted leader.  Don then answered a few questions from the audience.
President Doug Motz closed the meeting at 1:30 with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Jennifer Donais