President Corry called to order the 21st meeting of the 28th year of La Quinta Rotary.  The pledge was led by Sandy Lauer and Robert Wilkinson offered the invocation. 
Our distinguished visitor today, and our speaker, was District Governor Shab El Awar, accompanied by Assistant Governor Bruce Latta.  It was great to see Ben Hofheimer again, even if it is a short visit.  We also welcomed back affiliate members, Bob Becker and Sandra Moffitt-Adams.  Dina Reyes introduced Carlos, Service Manager at Chevrolet/Cadillac of La Quinta.
Our Holiday Party will be at President Corry’s house on December 20th.  The cost is $35.00 per person.  Rotary apron sales are going strong, with just a few aprons remaining at $10.00 each. 
Our major fund raiser, Strut Your Mutt, will take place on March 21st at the ball park in Old Town La Quinta. 
With the holidays upon us, the club will be dark on December 26th and January 2nd
Our illustrious Sergeant at Arms, Walter Keating, then took the podium to recognize the accomplishments of our members.  Unfortunately, Walter forgot his list, for which he graciously fined himself.  He then called upon those in attendance to acknowledge their own accomplishments.  Sandy Stewart celebrated a birthday and Nick and Marsha Kraushaar an anniversary.  Ben, Helen and Bob offered Happy Dollars, while Wells recognized the Oregon Ducks.
Our speaker today was District Governor Shab.  He welcomed our non-Rotary guests, made them honorary members of the District and demonstrated how a sincere welcome can bring back guests as potential members. 
He then recognized the accomplishments of the club and presented “Service With Passion” medallions to Robert Wilkinson, Sandy Stewart and Helen and Dick Anderson. 
Governor Shab talked about the importance of the family of Rotary and what that has meant to him.  He grew up in poor, but rich in love, family in Lebanon.  His family shared one toothbrush and used soap for tooth paste.  He had one pair of shoes, which he “re-soled” with cardboard when needed.  Banana box cardboard was preferred because it had a wax layer and lasted longer.  Later, as a young professional in America, he joined Rotary.  He saw it as a rich man’s club where he might pick up some easy money.  He quickly discovered the spirit and family of Rotary and continues today to be a vocal advocate of Rotary.  He believes that the success of Rotarians and Rotary Clubs relies on three principles:
(1) Acknowledge each other
(2) Encourage each other
(3) Thank each other
He then went on to acknowledge great Rotarians who have served and are serving in our own District.  We are a Rotary family which believes in “Service above self” and taking care of each other.  Thank you Governor Shab for an inspiring talk.
President Corry then closed the meeting with the Four Way Test.  
This Newsletter was written by Dick Anderson