Rotary Club of La Quinta

Service above self since 1985


Allan, Corry, Joe and Victoria are greeted by Eunice Baird and Adrian
President Doug called our meeting to order and led us in the salute to our flag.  Sandy Lauer offered the invocation.
Special guests today included our District Governor, Rudy Westervelt, and his lovely wife, Karen.  Also in attendance were Doug’s special guest, his wife Carole, and Cory Kelly and his partner wife Brianne and proposed new members Maria Melecio and Howard Silverman.
Doug announced that the Suds For Scholarships event has been postponed pending receipt of a license. 
Victoria offered a joke (not a dumb blonde one) but it was lost in space.
Dick and Helen gave a short report on their recent trip to Spain.
Bruce Cathcart was recognized as Club Rotarian of the Month, in part for the great job he does with the Bulletin and the management of his dutiful scribes.  Walter has ordered some bumper stickers which read “Goodbye Polio, Thank You Rotary”.  They will be available for a $100.00 contribution to Polio Plus.  Reports indicated that both Ed Casey and Tom McDermott are on the road to recovery.  We hope to see both of you soon.
Robert Wilkinson was a $5.00 raffle winner.
Allan then took the podium to recognize Rotarians for their accomplishments and transgressions.  With the start of a new month, the Fine Free Badge was up for bid and the winner was Helen Anderson.  In addition to a couple of “no makeups” and a tardy or two, there were birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate.  Adrian and Rosemarie will be celebrating their 60th anniversary this month.  A hearty congratulations to them both, with the wish that Adrian will spend more than $19.00 on dinner out for their celebration.  Happy dollars were offered for family achievements, sport team successes and general overall happiness.
Three new Rotarians were inducted in a ceremony led by Bruce and assisted by District Governor Rudy.  We welcomed Maria Melecio, Howard Silverman and Cory Kelly to the Rotary family and our club.  Each received a new member kit and a Four Way Test coin.
The celebration continued with the awarding of a Paul Harris pin with two rubies to Joe LaMantia and another pin with one sapphire to President Doug.  Congratulations to our new members and our Paul Harris pin recipients.
Our speaker was our District Governor, Rudy Westervelt, a member of the Lake Arrowhead Sunrise club.  Prior to the meeting he met with the club leadership to review our plans for the year and offer his support from the District.  He noted that the Rotary Foundation Gala is just around the corner at the Hard Rock Hotel on November 14th and that the District Conference will be held at Lake Arrowhead May 13th-15th.  DG Rudy also encouraged members to attend the Rotary World Peace Conference on January 15th and 16th in Ontario.
In a more serious vein, DG Rudy asked us to look back and identify a person who made a difference in our lives.  Then call that person and thank them before it is too late.  He related several stories about people touching the lives of others.  They were examples of how a life changing experience can occur as a result of kindness offered without any expectation of compensation.  It served to focus on what Rotary does in the world and highlighted our motto of “Service Above Self”.  Think about the lives we touch through the efforts of our own club when we hand a hot dog to a young child at the city picnic, or provide clean drinking water to a family in Thermal, or provide a textbook to a young child in Guatemala, or a scholarship to a student of merit.  It is a truly good feeling we get when we think about all whom we touch and the lives we change through our Rotary Service.  DG Rudy left us with a final thought – Be a Gift to the World.
This newsletter was written by Dick Anderson