Posted by Bruce Cathcart on Oct 06, 2017
Nick, Sandra, Diane, Dick and DG Manzoor Massey are greeted by Dr. Bruce, Sandy and Kevin
President Baird called our meeting to order at 12:15 (hurray!) and he led the members in the pledge of allegiance. Robert Wilkinson then gave a very heartfelt invocation.
We had only one visiting Rotarian this day, Wayne Olmstead formerly from the Tustin – Santa Ana Rotary Club who is back for his second visit and considering membership in our club.
Sadly, we did not have any guests in attendance for the District Governor’s visit.
President Baird announced that he and the current Club Board had a great pre-meeting with our District 5330 Governor Manzoor Massey.  He then reminded the club members of our goals for the 2017-2018 Rotary year:
Membership MUST grow and our goal is to get back up around 50 members.  To do so, each member is encouraged to bring at least one guest/potential member to a meeting this year!
Continue with 100% Paul Harris Members (Every Rotarian every year!).
Our club will work to contribute at least $500 to “Polio Plus”.
Nick announced that the plans for the “Tree Planting” in honor of Ed Casey and Adrian Gyzi are moving forward and will hopefully take place before the end of the month.  More info to follow!
Our next Club Board meeting will take place on Tuesday October 24th at 5:30 PM at a new location to be determined.
Volunteers are still needed for the Props and Hops event coming up on November 18th.  Please see Allan Levin for the sign-up sheet and for answers to any questions you may have.
Saturday, November 11th at 2:00 is the dedication of the "Never to be Forgotten Fountain" honoring our veterans and our service men and women on active duty.  The event will be held at the new site of Dick and Victory Grund’s Old Town Artisan Studio located at 78046 Calle Barcelona, La Quinta, CA. 92253. The Ribbon Cutting and Open house will last until 5:00 pm. There will be demonstrations of classes that they have now and ones they plan to have in the future. Their mission is to offer 'hands on" art classes and experiences and to support art education for those with physical, emotional and financial challenges. We hope you can come by on opening day. 600 children painted tiles this summer for the fountain. It will be a beautiful tribute. Thank you all!
With $332.00 in the raffle Joe LaMantia was drawn for a chance to pick the coveted yet so far non-existent “black marble”. He closed his eyes and dug deep into the bag… and to cheers of the members pulled out… a single clear marble.  He did win $5 as his “participation trophy”.
Our finest of fine masters Allan Levin stepped up to the podium and reminding us that it was a brand new month began the auction for the Fine Free Badge.  After some very lack luster bidding Nick Kraushaar was the winner of the badge and the honor of carrying the basket for a paltry $35!  Arnie, Brett and Sandy Lauer all had some no make-ups and Merv paid for a pesky cell phone that went off during the meeting.  Joe LaMantia repatriated his raffle winnings in the form of happy dollars in celebration of Governor Massey’s visit and Dan Fissori paid for his wife TC’s birthday.  Corporate member and recently immediate past City Councilman Lee Osborne chipped in a few happy dollars to be in such esteemed company this day and lastly (and to no one’s surprise) Dave Turner paid for his late arrival.
Replacing Allan at the podium President Baird announced our speaker this day, Manzoor Massey, PhD., MPH, who is our District 5330 Governor for the year 2017-2018. 
After complementing our Club Board for their commitment to Rotary and our many club events, Manzoor presented Sandy Stewart and President Baird with his “Gift to the World Award” in honor of their service to the Rotary Club of La Quinta.  He then spoke a bit about how Rotary, through our Polio Plus program, has nearly eradicated Polio from the face of the earth… with only 11 cases worldwide this year all of which were found in Afghanistan. By doing some creative math Manzoor showed us all how Rotary has helped 6.6 billion of the 7.2 billion people on our planet and that without Rotary the world as we know it would collapse!  Being a true Rotarian means that we practice “Service Above Self” in our everyday lives.  One example he gave was that Rotarians do not race ahead of others to enter a store or restaurant, rather we not only wait for others, we will hold the door open for them!  We do the right thing, even when no one else is looking!
Manzoor then helped Dave Turner do a magic trick to show how Rotarians add the color that turns the “blues” into a rainbow!
The Governor shared a short power point presentation (“The Power of One”) with us that reminded us of many of the things that Rotary stands for and does.  The presentation included several motivational quotes that served to inspire us and made us all proud to be a part of the Rotary “FAMILY”.  “Each one – Reach one; the world we change is the world we touch, the world we touch is the world that our children will inherit”.
“Love is the bottom line in Rotary.  Rotary helps us to change the world”.   Manzoor urged us to “find people that deserve the gift of Rotary”.  Thank you Governor Massey for your truly inspirational presentation.  You reminded us of the significant contributions that we as Rotarians make to the world and how by practicing our motto of Service Above Self we are all better human beings.
President Baird adjourned the meeting at 1:30 with recitation of the 4-way test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart