Walter and Sandy are greeted by Eunice, Baird and Adrian
President Doug Motz called the meeting to order at 12:15 and then led us in the pledge of allegiance.  The invocation was given by Bruce Underwood.
Our visiting Rotarians today included our speaker Daniel Goodrich and our occasional visitor Gene Grounds from Hawaii.  Guests and prospective members included Merv Kolb’s neighbor and proposed new member Howard Silverman, Doug and Baird’s personal trainer and proposed new member Cory Kelly (and his two guests Hank Goodman and his wife) and Elisa Silva’s friend and proposed new member Maria Melecio.
Victoria’s blonde joke was a hit this week, though I doubt anyone can still remember it.  I know this blonde can’t!
Announcements included:
The Suds for Scholarships event was announced then canceled a couple of days later… and now it is apparently back on for October 22, 2015 from 4-8 in the new La Quinta Tap Room located in Old Town La Quinta.  There will be more info to follow at upcoming meetings.
President Doug asked that members contact him at his email address (below) regarding our annual Strut Your Mutt event.  Apparently those club members who have been shouldering the load for the past three years are a little burnt out and will need to be replaced if this event is to continue as our major fund raiser.  Comments (and volunteers) can contact Doug at .  Walter announced that he will be attending the Grand WOLFSTOCK event in Escondido to hopefully get some ideas for our “to be or not to be” upcoming event.
President Doug also announced that he and his La Quinta Rotary Team WON FIRST PLACE in the East Coachella Rotary Club’s Annual Golf Tournament keeping the Rotary Club of La Quinta’s streak of winning Rotary Golf Tournaments alive and well.  CONGRATULATIONS AND GREAT JOB DOUG!
It was also announced that at the Joint Chamber of Commerce Chili and Pie Baking contest held last week our very own Sandy Stewart took FIRST PLACE in two divisions with her chili entry.  She won for Best Meat and Best Hot and Spicy (chili of course!).  Congratulations and thank you for representing our club so proudly!
Dues are past due as of now if you haven't already made payment.  Our fine master is already making a naughty and nice list.  Members are advised that it is cheaper to be on the “nice” list.
Robert Wilkinson announced that there were 50+ kids who showed up to the first meeting of our Interact Club at the La Quinta High School last week… Robert wasn’t there so he had to rely upon a report from Past President Corry Hunter for the information.  Also, RYLA this year will be in March and April.
Bob Wright announced that there will be a free booth available to our Rotary Club this year at the PGA Tournament formerly known as the Humana, which was formerly known as the Bob Hope Desert Classic and is henceforth to be known as The Career Builder Challenge (at least for the next 3 years).  We will be running our booth in conjunction and most appropriately with the Desert Sands Education Foundation.
Pedro Rincon, co-owner of the Osborne Rincon Certified Public Accountants was presented a certificate of appreciation for their participation in last year’s Strut your Mutt event.
Our raffle was $189 today and the winner of $5 was Adrian Gysi.
Our fine master, Allan Levin, stepped to the podium and immediately centered his cross hairs on Robert Wilkinson who had promised several meetings ago to make restitution for anniversaries, missed board meetings and unpaid dues.  He apologized profusely and then begged another extension until next we meet.   Alan then proceeded to fine Dan Fissori and Brett Anderson for the same offenses.  Corry Hunter paid for his anniversary and son Brock’s birthday.  Baird Boucher’s phone went off at just the wrong time and David Turner seems to be back on his old schedule showing up early for next week’s meeting (and late for this week’s meeting!)  There were a few bucks collected for favorite football teams and happy dollars from several members who were just happy to be together and in the spirit of giving.
Our fellow Rotarian (Hemet Club) and speaker today, Dan Goodrich, is our District 5330 Foundation Chairman and he shared with us a quick history lesson on both Rotary and The Paul Harris Foundation.  We learned that a Paul Harris Fellow is someone who donates $1,000.00 to the Foundation over the course of a lifetime and that a Paul Harris Society Member donates $1,000.00 each year to the Foundation.  Dan explained the mystery of Paul Harris “Points” and how Rotarians acquire them after they become a Paul Harris Fellow on a point per dollar donated basis and how they can be used to help Rotarians and others to become Paul Harris Fellows.  It was made clear that right now the district was matching points for new and existing members to encourage more participation in the Paul Harris Foundation.   He further explained that individuals and clubs can donate to the foundation in three different categories, The Annual Fund, the Polio Plus Program or for other approved Global Project Funds.  He announced that the upcoming Foundation Gala this year would be held in Palm Springs at the Hard Rock Hotel on 11/14/15 and it should be an amazing event not to be missed!  Dan was very good speaker and it was a very educational program!
At 1:30 President Doug called the meeting to a close with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart