Rotary Club of La Quinta

Service above self since 1985


President Elect Tom Mc Dermott called the meeting to order at 12:15.  The pledge was led by Adrian Gysi and the invocation given by Andy Lorenz.
President Doug Motz & Past President Corry Hunter were absent today because they were out setting up for the Patriot Ride which is to take place October 24th starting at the Indio Fairgrounds.
We had a visiting Rotarian from Salem Oregon and a prospective member Jeff Fishbein was with us.  Ed Casey’s daughter also joined us for lunch today- welcome back Ed!
Announcements included:
Snow Bird Bowling Contest- Doug Motz is setting up a team(s) so if you are interested please contact Doug.  You don’t need to be a pro bowler- supporting the Indio club and fun to be had!
Corry Hunter has graciously volunteered to chair the Strut your Mutt this year.  He will be reaching out to all in regards to playing a role- please get involved.
Rotary Razzle Dazzle Party November 13th from 5pm to 8pm at Boucher Fine Jewelers- raffle tickets are $10 and can be bought at Rotary meetings prior to the event with proceeds supporting Rotary.
Dan Fissori was presented his Past President’s badge that had failed to be given to him earlier- something was mentioned about 1999.  Dan was then asked in usual Rotary fashion by Allan Levin to pay for it later on in the meeting.
Dick Anderson presented a Paul Harris plus one to our own Tom McDermott.  A thank you to Tom for your continued support of the Rotary Foundation.  Dick Anderson also reminded all of us that until November 14th you can make Paul Harris donations and get bonus points towards your Paul Harris pin(s).  Make your check to Rotary Foundation and get to Dick before November 14th.
Walter Keating announced that anyone making a donation to the Rotary Foundation can have an “End to Polio” Rotary bumper sticker if they would like one.
Allan Levin announced that he still needs some volunteers for Props & Hops fundraiser to be held at the Palm Springs Air Museum November 21st from noon to 4pm.  Please contact Allan or get your name on the sign-up sheet at the next meeting.
Helen Anderson presented two flags from clubs she and Dick has visited- one from Kauai when they were there and one from Burbank CA.  Dick and Helen visited seven Rotary clubs in the LA area last week promoting the Guatemala Literacy Project.  They were able to obtain 15 scholarships for Guatemala- more info to come next week according to Helen.
Sandy Lauer announced that it is once again time to place the order for aprons and embroidery on your own clothing if you would like.  Aprons are $16 and $10 to embroider your own shirts with the Rotary logo.  Sandy will be collecting orders and clothing at the next few meetings.
Victoria Llort gave us the joke of the week- all I can say is “husbands beware!”
Our Raffle winner this week was Sandy Lauer- $5 winner so bring your $$$ as the pot will be quite large next week!
It was a slow day today for our fine master Allan Levin.  Maria Melecio received her member badge and pledged and IOU.  Ben Anglin was also charged with a no make-up.  There were some happy dollars collected to round out Allan’s time at the podium.
Our first speaker was a craft talk by Cory Kelly, a new member to our club.  Cory and his fiancé Breann came to the desert in May of this year and opened up the “Palms Athletic Club” in La Quinta which is already thriving.  Cory was sponsored by club President Doug Motz.   Cory told us of growing up in Oregon on a ranch and having an extremely close relationship with his grandparents.  Cory dropped out of high school as a sophomore and got his GED.  He then joined the Army National Guard because he wanted to go into combat immediately after his boot camp completion.   Upon getting out, he saw the struggles of his fellow brothers/sisters in the military and had a very close friend of his commit suicide.  Charities benefiting veterans are very important to him.  He is just finishing up as the adaptive sports coordinator for a great charity called “Incite” and will move on to a new non-profit he has founded- “Ops to Outreach” in November.  This non-profit’s goal is to give training and knowledge necessary to identify signs of distress in fellow veterans and give them the skills to reach out for resources as veterans often struggle in reaching out to civilians for assistance.  Thank you Cory for an informative and inspirations craft talk.
Our second speaker was Victoria Llort, who was kind enough to give all of us a Rotary 101 presentation.  This was most beneficial to our new members but I think that even the long standing members might have picked up a thing or two.  Some of the items covered included “What is Rotary?”, the different avenues of service, using the Rotary pin to promote Rotary and yourself, the Rotary website and finally our Rotary Facebook page.  Victoria took multiple questions and is available if there are further questions.  Thanks Victoria for the informative Rotary education!
Tom McDermott closed the meeting at 1:25 with the four way test.
** A special thank you to Tom for running the meeting today- the humor was great!
This newsletter was written by Jennifer Donais