Sandy and Diane are greeted by Jennifer, Sandy, Baird and Adrian
Doug Motz rang the bell at 12:15 pm but the socializing was so intense no one paid attention. Ever inventive, Doug launched into the Pledge of Allegiance and all joined in. Joe LaMantia gave the prayer and blessed many, including the cook, which was a wise thing to do in this age of e-coli. 
Many were the visitors, including:
  • John Roaijmater of Luxembourg, who presented us with a flag.
  • Jonathan Levin, a proposed new member and son of Allan Levin, although sporting a first name sure to be mis-spelled as often as his father Alan's.



  • Courtney Bateman, guest of Cory Kelly
  • Roger Goric, guest of Andy Lorenz
  • Others from Whitley OR and Tiburon CA
Doug announced that the Desert Stock project was going forward and requested more volunteers. Meeting for volunteers is Thursday, January 21, 5:30 pm at Doug's office.
Sandy Stewart made the pitch for Strut Your Mutt in the absence of Corry Hunter, the chair. The Date is February 13, 2016; location is 77865 Avenida Montezuma (La Quinta Community Park); hours are 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. The stars are the dogs; supporting players are the owners. Leashes are appropriate dress.
If you want an advertising sign (Pee Signs) at SYM, old sign re-use costs $75 and new signs are $100. Contact Corry Hunter.
Victoria Llort was in Hollywood gathering new comedic material so Cory Kelly told two blonde jokes. There was a moderate reaction.
Sandy Stewart won the raffle again, but still only $5.00.
Jimbo Dorr was awarded his Paul Harris Fellow Pin+2
Allan Levin got $100 from Jim Dorr for his anniversary and his wife's birthday. Joe LaMantia kicked in a few bucks to tell us his grandson would be on TV in a stroller. Residuals may be hefty. As always, Allan got money for Rotary when no money seems to exist. Jennifer is taking two Interacts to the Peace Conference in Ontario, California and for that she paid us.
The Club received a message from a Chinese Rotary Club nominating Allan Levin as "Best Fine Master." This is still under investigation.
Our speaker was Dr. Arnold Rosenheck, a new member who gave his craft talk. Arnie is a diplomat of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He described the practice as cutting up faces and putting them back together. He spent 29 years in practice and then went into Administration and Academia where the knives are applied to the back rather than the face. He was appointed by the government to be the chair of the governing Board for Medical Care in the State of New Jersey and became an Assistant Professor of Rutgers University. He retired from Rutgers in 2013 and now lectures widely on health care in Southern California. He concluded by telling us that a seasoned practitioner can diagnose 400 different illnesses just by looking in our mouth.
The Four Way Test concluded the meeting but with most mouths closed, this amounted to mumbling the words.
Rumors are Flying:  Rumor that Corry Hunter will be challenging Raul Ruiz in the next run for congress appears to be true. "If I can run this group," Corry was heard saying, "I can certainly run the United States." The political bug bites again. Apparently, no one can stand it when the cheering stops.... Those who were surprised that Corry took over Strut Your Mutt after a grueling year as President now get it... President Obama's Executive Order authorizing dogs to vote in the next election apparently was known by Corry to be coming... The President's statement, "We can no longer exclude Man's Best Friend from the body politic, that's just not who we are," makes sense.  (Donations for Corry for Congress Campaign can be sent to Baird Boucher.)
This newsletter was written by Tom McDermott