strong>Rey and Dan are greeted by Baird, Tom and Doug
Today’s meeting was promptly called to order by President Corry at 12:15 PM.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Richard Jandt, and the Invocation given by Lothar Vasholz.  Lothar also reminded all scheduled Bell Ringers for the Trader Joe’s location to be mindful of this important obligation, which produces considerable revenues for the Salvation Army’s annual Holiday Fund Drive. (Past President, Bonnie Cloer, will be a ringer on our behalf with tomorrow’s Dec. 20 ringing team.)
span style="font-size: 20px;">President Corry reminded all members to please be sure to bring our check books (or plenty of cash) to the Holiday Party!   The party donation will be collected at the party @ $35.00/PP.  Raffles of Jewelry, etc., will be available for your seasonal gift-buying enjoyment.  Check your E-Mails for directions to Corry’s new home in North La Quinta.
  The club enhanced Emilio's tip today by $140.00!

In today’s raffle ticket drawing, valued at $670.00, the lucky winner was the remarkably prolific winner of such things, Adrian Gysi.   In his usually generous way, Adrian promptly donated (during Walter Keating’s fining session), $100.00 to The Guatemala Literacy Project, $100.00 to the Rotary Water Filter effort, and $100.00 to the La Quinta Rotary Foundation.  Thank you Adrian!  Your generosity is inspiring!
President Corry voiced an urgent plea for a generous Rotarian with any extra garage space, or room in a mini-storage rental unit, to contact him ASAP.  Rotary’s many items and possessions- flags, banners, signs, and paraphernalia are today quite scattered over multiple locations and in serious need of consolidation at a central storage point.  Brett Anderson answered the call to duty and is making arrangements to store all of the Rotary equipment at his shop.  Thank you Brett!
FineMeister, Walter Keating, at his most skillful today, was promptly supported by generous donations of $50 each from Helen and Dick Anderson in celebration of their 50th Anniversary! 
Doug Motz volunteered a $21.00 “pop” celebrating his years as a Rotarian, and because he and wife Carol will be hosted by the Club to attend the upcoming Rotary International Convention in Brazil.  Richard Jandt chimed in with a contribution in the unusual amount of $30.50 in honor of wife Terri’s birthday.
Lothar Vasholz will celebrate his and Margie’s 60th Anniversary with an appropriate donation of $60.00.
New member, Abraham Thomas,  contributed  $20.00 to celebrate his recent joining of our club.  Welcome Abraham!
President Corry tossed in $2 happy dollars in hopes the Club holiday party at his new home will go as planned!  Dick Anderson kicked-in a hopeful $5.00 that Navy will be victorious in San Diego this weekend.  And Ray Neufeld recognized the many talents of U. of Oregon’s great Q.B., Marcus Mariota, and urged Oregon’s victory over Florida State and Jameis Winston in the Rose Bowl game on New Year’s Day.  Diane Kelly is soliciting used blue-Jean donations for the homeless at the Galilee center.  If you can help, call Diane at (760)777-1982.  Diane is also the source of custom printed, heavy duty Rotary I.D. name badges.  
With no speaker today President Corry wished all attending Rotarians and guests a Happy Holiday Season and adjourned the meeting with the four way test. This newsletter was written by Andy Lorenz