Posted by Bruce Cathcart on Jun 02, 2017
Corry is greeted by Dr. Bruce, Robert and Kevin
President Tom called the meeting to order at 12:15 and lead us in the pledge of allegiance. Dick Jandt gave the invocation which was well received (by the members at least).
We had no visiting Rotarians this day and only one guest Doug Hassett who is a La Quinta resident and works as a project manager for Alliance Integration.  He was also a candidate for the La Quinta City Council in 2014 and has a great singing voice.
President Tom made the following announcements:
The LAST Board meeting will be held at President Tom’s office on June 21st starting at 5:30 PM.  Tom’s office is located off of Country Club west of Washington at 77530 Enfield Ln, Palm Desert, CA 92211.  Everyone is welcome!
We will be DARK on the June 30th meeting.
Immediate Past President Doug shared with us that the DEMOTION Party will be held this year on Wednesday evening, June 28th beginning at 5:30 at the Cliff House.   The cost is $25.00 per person and includes unlimited Fish Tacos and other appetizers, plus all the free water that you can drink.  Those looking for more spirited beverages will be on the pay as you go plan.  This will be the last social event of Tom’s tenure as president so let’s all make an effort to show up and say “THANKS” for all his hard work this past Rotary year as well as honoring our “Rotarian of the Year” Sandy Stewart.  Doug will have the signup sheet at the next meeting.
Robert gave us a report on the handing out of the 15 Rotary Scholarships to the recipients at La Quinta High School that took place on June 1st.  He informed that it was a GREAT event and that the students were all very pleased.
With about $90 in the raffle and still a bag full of white ones last month’s BIG WINNNER Brett Anderson drew a white marble… winning $5.
Our Fine Master Allan Levin started by auctioning the Fine Free badge.  After some fierce bidding Dr. Bruce Underwood emerged victorious and won the honor of carrying the collection basket.  Welcome back Penny Lilly was recognized for having her photo in the city newsletter (the “GEM”), Walter paid for missing the great beer pour at the PS Air museum over Memorial Day and also for his beloved Oklahoma men’s Golf Team who are this year’s National Golf Champs and things went downhill fast.  Nick had a couple of no make-ups, a few members forgot to wear their Rotary pins, Brett repatriated his $5 winnings from the raffle, Bruce C paid for his kid’s band performing at the Tachevah Music Finals, and of course Dave paid for his ever so slightly tardy arrival.
There was no speaker this day and President Tom lead the members in a mini “Club Assembly” posing a few questions to obtain some input from the membership in preparation for the upcoming (LAST) board meeting.  He posted the following summary via email this past week:
  • On the last Friday of each month, do not have a speaker. Place bottles of white and red wine at the tables at the club's expense for the members to enjoy with their meals. The members will and have fun getting to know each other. 
  • The members do not want a different meeting time; the current meeting time is satisfactory. 
  • Guest speakers: The members would like Rotary members to speak more often. They suggested they not just speak about their "craft" but also speak about experiences they've had in life or on matters that interest them.
  • We should separate social events from fundraising events. Social event should be just for the Club and should not attempt to raise money. They should be intimate get-togethers such as the Holiday Party. 
  • There should be a report regarding the funding of the Rotary Club of La Quinta Foundation at least once a month. 
President Tom called the meeting to a close at 1:20 PM with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart