Elisa, Judith, Dick, Bob and Joe are greeted by Dr. Bruce, Robert and Kevin
With President Tom still not quite recovered from his latest bout with pneumonia, we gathered together once again as Rotarians and friends at the Cliff House where President-elect Baird Boucher called the meeting to order at 12:15 and lead us in the pledge of allegiance.  Nick gave the invocation.
There were several visiting Rotarians in attendance including our good friends Barry from South El Monte, Diane from Stockton and Hank from Pittsburgh.
Unfortunately for our diets, Andrea Durrett from Palm Desert Rotary was in attendance with those darn Girl Scout cookies again!  Mark Wolfe was back again from Salem, Oregon and prospective transfer Rotarian member Fred Campbell (of La Quinta) showed up for the third week in a row and has been proposed for membership!
Bruce Cathcart invited guest Elisa Guerrero (from Four Seasons Escrow).
And our very own Elisa Silva from Rabo Bank brought her guest Esmeralda Soria who works in the mortgage department at Rabo bank.
President–elect Baird made the following announcements:
The next Board meeting that was to be held at President Tom’s office on March 15th starting at 5:30 PM.  HAS BEEN CANCELLED!  Tom’s office is located off of Country Club west of Washington at 77530 Enfield Ln, Palm Desert, CA 92211… not that you need to know this since the MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELLED!!!
Sandy Stewart announced that we will once again be hosting our Wine Event at the La Quinta Museum this year on FRIDAY APRIL 21ST from 6 to 8 PM.  Our very own Kevin Pickett will be providing the entertainment for the evening and there will be a raffle, appetizers, and lots of fun to be had.  Members are being asked to sell (or buy) at least 2 tickets each (Since the event is limited to 100 attendees) at $25.00 per ticket and to provide raffle prizes if possible.  This is turning out to be a very important fundraiser this year and if successful it will allow us to fund more scholarships for the graduating La Quinta High School Seniors and send more LQHS Juniors to RYLA!
The City of La Quinta’s 35th anniversary and annual picnic will be held on Saturday April 29th.  We will be cooking and serving over 1,000 hot dogs to hungry La Quinta Citizens!  There will be more information to follow on this fun event in the meetings to come.
The DEMOTION Party will be held this year on June 23rd.  More info to follow in the coming meetings.
Nick gave us all a FINAL-FINAL update on the Indio Mock Trial Team that finished 15th out of 30 teams in the State.  Students and their sponsor teacher Gabriel Gutierrez from Indio High School will be in attendance at our meeting on March 24th to talk about their experience with Mock Trial (and Coach Nick).
Greg Lane reminded us all that club members Merv Kolb and Andy Lorenz are no longer driving and would really appreciate a ride to the meetings.   Andy lives in Rancho La Quinta just down Washington Street south from the Cliff House and Merv now lives at “The Palms at La Quinta” located right behind the Homewood Suites on Washington just north of the Cliff House.
Marc Rosen updated the club members on this year’s scholarship committee sharing with us that the student selection and interview process is underway!  Also, Marc, Cliff and Diana Weaver, and a couple of local Toastmasters will be getting together to judge the first round of the Rotary Four Way Test Speech Competition this coming Wednesday (3/15).  If interested in attending please contact Marc Rosen for more details.
Joe LaMantia made a pitch for the upcoming District Assembly which will take place on April 21st at Yucaipa High School from 8:30 to 4 PM.  Joe says that this is a great opportunity to learn more about Rotary.  If interested in attending see Joe for more details.
Our raffle was worth $881.00 today and Arnie had the winning ticket.  Fortunately for the rest of the club members he drew the white marble rolling the jackpot over for next week.
It was slim pickings for our Fine Master Allan Levin this day as most birthdays and anniversaries had already been paid for or were still yet to come!  Greg Lane made good on his IOU for his Birthday but that was about it.  Abraham kicked in $20.00, mostly because I think he felt sorry for Allan, but he promised to come up with a better reason by our next meeting.  Jimbo coughed up a few bucks for 2 no make-ups and Bruce Cathcart did the same for it being “Shorts Weather” at 92 degrees already in March.  Just as things started to slow down, Walter’s phone went off interrupting Allan and so he had to pay to NOT take the call.  Dave Turner paid to a pair of two-fers… he was early to the meeting for the second time in two weeks and also his beloved South Dakota State’s “Jack Rabbits” made it to the NCAA Men’s Division Basketball first round play-offs for the second year in a row!  Kansas Men’s Basketball lost their first game of the season and there was a strange hush that came over the room when it was mentioned.  Dick Grund’s beloved Bull dogs from Gonzaga (pronounce it any way you like) seemed to be back on top despite their recent loss.  With no other “Happy Dollars” being offered a slightly disappointed Allan went back to his seat.
Today was our “CLUB ASSEMBLY” which is where the members in attendance vote in the slate of new club officers and Board members for the coming year.
First up was the nomination of David Turner to resume his position on the Foundation Board for the 3 year term beginning July 2017 and ending June 2020.  Joe La Mantia made the nomination for David Turner which was seconded by Robert Wilkinson.  Hearing no dissent or other nominations from the floor, the vote was called for and David Turner was unanimously elected.
The second order of business was the presentation of the proposed slate of club officers for the Rotary year 2017-2018.  The following slate was presented to the club:
President: Baird Boucher, President Elect: Robert Wilkinson, Treasurer: Sandy Stewart, Secretary: Bruce Underwood, Sargent at Arms: Allan Levin, Past President: Tom McDermott
Bruce Cathcart moved that the slate as presented be nominated and Marc Rosen seconded the nomination.  Hearing no dissent or other nominations from the floor the vote was called for and the slate of officers was unanimously approved.
There being no other business to discuss the membership enjoyed  each other’s company  and good conversation until at 1:20 President-elect Baird called the meeting to a close with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart