Steve Robbins led us in the pledge to our Flag and Robert Wilkinson gave the invocation. Greg Lane's phone went off in the middle of the invocation with an eerie ring and President Dan decided perhaps it was a message from above.

President Dan announced there would not be a speaker today because this meeting is a Club Assembly with a tight schedule so announcements will be short. He said the visiting Rotarians were welcome to stay, if they wished.

David Archer won a raffle prize of $5.00, increasing the size of the next raffle to a few hundred dollars.

Dan announced we will be Dark next week and wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Dan also reported that Rotarian and past President Greg Shannon has resigned. We hate to see you go, Greg.

The social calendar is busy so please sign up on line for all the upcoming events in this newsletter. Of particular importance is the need for bell ringers for the next month. You can sign up on the website, call Bob Wright or email Bob at When you sign up, indicate which Saturday you wish to work and which two hour shift between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. you want. The week before Christmas we will need bell ringers every day for those shifts between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Don't forget to sign up on the website for our Holiday Party on December 10th.

Allan Levin, our Sergeant at Arms, did his best to raise money for the Club but many of his targets were MIA. We had the usual fines for no make ups and of course Greg Lane for his eerie phone ring. Lee Osborne was recognized for his birthday and make-ups, Jeff Wattenberg because he is Jeff Wattenbarger and Doug Motz for having his picture in the Desert Sun. Joe LaMantia missed a Board meeting, saying he was working late and Palmer didn't have his Rotary Pin. Good job, Allan.

Let the Club Assembly begin:

The recommended slate for 2011-2012 was announced: President - David Archer, President Elect - Robert Wilkinson, Treasurer and President Elect Nominee - Corry Hunter, and Secretary - Sandy Stewart. There being no nominations from the floor, the proposed slate was approved.

Issues discussed at the Club Assembly were:

• Membership - We now have 50 official members. The Club is considering a membership mixer January 16th at the El Dorado Polo Club. Our goal is to add 8 new members this term. Capacity of the Cliff House - During season we are at capacity, with Snowbirds. How do we resolve this and also have the Snowbirds more involved in the Club?

• Fundraising and Service – Our major fund raiser for the year will be the golf tournament in April. Every club member needs to get behind the efforts to get raffle donations, sell Tee Signs and bring in golfers. Sandy Stewart asked if anyone would chair the Tour de Palm Springs and Walter Keating stepped up to the plate. Thanks, Walter. David Archer suggested our Club run the Beer Garden at the LQ Chamber car show. We also need a volunteer to run the District Music Contest for the club.

• Publicity – One of the criticisms of Rotary is we keep our star under a rock. We need to do more to get our story in front of the public. Doug Motz offered to help Nora Coleman with publicity for the Desert Sun. Other suggestions are welcome and should be forwarded to Nora.

After a very productive Club Assembly, President Dan led us in the Four Way Test.