It was another great Rotary day.  President Dan called the meeting to order.  After the flag salute and invocation, he introduced our guests.  It appears some snow birds got lost or missed their plane.  In addition to two visiting Rotarians from parts of California, we had one from Oregon and another from Germany.

Dan announced that Ed Casey is in the hospital, but he had no particulars.  We wish Ed a quick return.  Good news!  Karen Kolb has come home from the hospital.  Keep on improving, Karen.

Diane Kelley reminded everyone of the Beach Party theme for the club hospitality suites at the District Conference.  Post Script: Our hospitality suite was awesome.  Diane and Jim Kelley and David and Lori Archer did a great job of putting together a fun venue.  Pictures will be posted when they are received. 

Frank Blum made an announcement about the upcoming Demotion Party at Rancho La Quinta next Saturday night.  Make your reservation on line on our website or contact Frank directly. 

Andy Brakebill and Robert Wilkinson hosted a meeting with potential Interact members.  They had 65 students attend and are excited about the prospects for the upcoming year.  Abigail Beckert has stepped forward to bring her fellow students together at the beginning of the next school year.  This next year the Interactors will have a teacher advisor.  We all need to support Andy, Robert and Abigail to make this a successful Interact year.

Some of you may not have heard it, but Dr. Bruce Underwood is presenting a health program on Thursday evening, June 23rd, at the Agua Serena Spa at the Hyatt Grand Champion.  The program is entitled “Become A Fit Desert Warrior and Have The Heat Be Your Friend”.  As an encouragement, attendees will be in a drawing for a night’s stay at the Hyatt.  The commercial announcement comes from the holder of the Fine Free Badge.

Rey Neufeld reminded the club that the end of the Rotary year is just two weeks away and only two thirds of our membership has made their Paul Harris contribution.  You can send your check to Rey, made out to the La Quinta Rotary Foundation, or bring it with you to the next meeting.  Our goal is to have 100% participation.  Remember, the money we give comes back to the District in three years to be used for Club Opportunity and International Service Grants.

Corry Hunter was a $5.00 winner in the drawing.

Sergeant At Arms Allan came forward to recognize certain achievements and miscues.  There were several “no make ups” to clear.  Anniversary congratulations went out to Bret and Colleen Anderson (26 years) and Palmer and Susan Riedel (44 years).  Birthday wishes went out to Don Adolph and June La Mantia.  Mayor Don announced a compromise may be in the offing over the Governor’s wish to take back redevelopment money from California cities.

Dr. Camero Barrows from the Center for Conservation Biology gave a very thought provoking presentation on Climate Change, aka Global Warming.  He shared some impressive evidence showing how the average temperature, worldwide, has been increasing.  When looked at over geologic times, the earth has experienced many heating and cooling periods.  While we are now in a historically predictable heating period, evidence shows that the heating has increased significantly more over the past seventy years.  This unusual increase correlates remarkably well with the increase in greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide.  These greehouse gases come mostly from smokestack and automobile emissions.  Dr. Barrows went on to describe some of the studies he and other colleagues are conducting in our area to track the impact of local climate changes.