Posted on Oct 27, 2017
Rey, Wayne, Allan and Andy are greeted by Dr. Bruce, Sandy, Diane and Robert
President-elect Robert called our meeting to order promptly at 12:15 and had Captain Roy lead us in the pledge of allegiance. Dr. Bruce gave the invocation.
We had a few visiting Rotarians this day, soon to be new member Wayne Olmstead formerly from the Tustin – Santa Ana Rotary Club (returning for the last time as a visitor), Bob Lovely from Olympia, Washington for his second visit this season and our good friend Mark Wolf from Salem Oregon.  Our Speaker Chuck Weisbart is also a visiting Rotarian from the Idyllwild Rotary Club.
Our only guest this day was Captain Roy Grace’s lovely wife Annie.
President-elect Robert made the following announcements/reminders:
Our next Club Board meeting will take place on Tuesday November 28th at 5:30 PM at Lee Osborne and Corry Hunter’s Office.
Volunteers are still needed for the Props and Hops event coming up on November 18th.  If possible, recruit family members and/or a few friends.  It is a great way to introduce potential new members to our club and to Rotary!  This event takes place during the day.  See Allan Levin to sign up or for more details.  If you are unable to attend this event you are invited to pour beer at the Brew in LQ which is also a Rotary sponsored event that will take place on the same date… only it will be at night (4-9 PM).  If interested please see Doug Motz or Dave Turner to sign up or for more details.  These are two great (FUN) events that will both benefit our club!
Saturday, November 11th at 2:00 is the dedication of the "Never to be Forgotten Fountain" honoring our Veterans and Active service Men and Women. The Ribbon Cutting and Open house will be open until 5:00 pm. There will be demonstrations of classes they have now and ones they plan to have in the future. Their mission is to offer 'hands on" art classes and experiences and to support art education for those with physical, emotional and financial challenges.  600 children painted tiles this summer for the fountain. The newly “tiled” fountain will be a beautiful tribute and this event should be a lot of fun!
Also scheduled for November 11, 2017 is our Interact Club Car Wash!  Make sure to buy tickets to support the La Quinta High School Interact Club… getting your car washed is optional!
This year’s Holiday Party will be held at the Artisan Center on Saturday December 2, 2017 at 5 PM with an anticipated cost of $50.00 PP.  More details to come on this super fun celebration/event!
Sandy Stewart reminded us all about our big fundraiser in March and asked for help with food vendors and raffle prizes.  NOW is the time to get started in order to have a successful event in March!!!
Our Guest Speaker Chuck Weisbart invited us all up to Idyllwild to enjoy their annual HARVEST craft fair on December 23rd and 24th… just in time for those last minute shoppers.  He promised everyone a good time and a chance of having a white Christmas!
STACY CHESTER is the Rotary Club of La Quinta Speaker for our 12:15 PM Meeting this Friday, November 3rd, 2017 at the Cliffhouse Restaurant. She is the manager of  the Edward-Dean Museum & Gardens located at 9401 Oak Glen Road, Cherry Valley, CA 92223. The phone number is 951.845.2626  They are open Thursday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Cost $5.00 adults, Children 12 and under Free, Veterans with ID Free Stacy is also the Sponsorship Coordinator at Riverside County, Economic Development Agency.
With well over $350 in the raffle, someone besides Merv finally had their ticket drawn.  It was President-elect Robert!  But with the same Merv-like results he drew another white marble and ended up winning only the $5 consolation prize.
Our Fine Master Allan Levin started the day’s fining by recognizing himself for missing the last Board meeting… and President-elect Robert fessed up to not being there as well.  Andy Lorenz paid $2 for the reminder that his wife Sally had a birthday coming up… for which he promised a proper donation next week assuming Sally gives him his allowance in advance of the meeting.  Dave Turner made great speech to accompany his $11 donation for “Stamping out Rotary” since there were only 11 cases so far this year.  The club ever so gently and kindly corrected him asking if he meant “Stamp out Polio” of which there have only been 11 cases thus far worldwide this year!  Arnie chipped in $20 for an unknown amount of no make-ups… unknown by him or the club secretary as the attendance list failed to materialize in time for the meeting this week.  Not surprisingly upon that announcement there were no more no make-ups confessed this day!  Wayne Olmsted was officially declared a member, though not yet inducted, but none the less fined $5 just to make him feel welcome.  Bruce C. paid $3, one dollar for each error in the last newsletter.  Sandy Stewart paid $5 for a wonderful vacation in Utah and Dr. Bruce paid $5 for getting his minutes approved WITHOUT CHANGES at the last board meeting… due to Allan’s absence!  And finally, our guest speaker Chuck, who travels to numerous Rotary Clubs each year presenting creative solutions to increasing membership, gave two happy dollars in celebration of our Club which he deemed to have the most “smart asses” of any Rotary Club that he visits!  Note to the president, do not let the guest speakers sit with Bruce C. and Allan in the future!!!  Thank you all for your generosity!
Our speaker this day was Chuck Weisbart our 2017/18 Rotary District 5330 Membership Chairman.  Chuck began his presentation by sharing with us that Rotary has been his passion for the past 27 years.
He proved his commitment to Rotary by sharing with us one of his tattoos… a Rotary Wheel on his calf muscle!  Chuck shared with us many GREAT ideas on how to increase and maintain membership in our club.  These included the general concepts of Visibility (Rotary Shirts), having great Guest Speakers, leveraging advertising (with PSAs), approaching new Chamber of Commerce members, inviting the public to Rotary Mixers, (not just having but) handing out a trifold pamphlet about Rotary and our club, engaging prospects with like-minded members, and working with other community leaders.  “How do you invite a potential member to a Rotary lunch?  It’s easy when you have great speakers.  You invite them to hear the speaker and then show them how they can help change lives!”  Chuck shared with us the common excuses for not joining a rotary club… and how to counter act them.  And he told us how to retain new members (by embracing them and keeping them engaged).  Everything Chuck told us made perfect (common) sense and I am sure that the entire membership was paying close attention.  If you missed this meeting please ask a member who didn’t to share with you some of the wisdom that Chuck shared with us this day.  It was truly inspirational and timely since our membership needs a bit of boost this year.  Thank you Chuck for an excellent presentation and thank you for your continued Service Above Self and all that you do for Rotary and for our community.
President-elect Robert called the meeting to a close at 1:30 PM with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart