Rotary Club of La Quinta

Service above self since 1985


Diane, Andy, Nick, Baird and Allan are greeted by Sandy, Corry, Howard and Dick
President-elect Baird called the meeting to order at 12:15 and lead us in the pledge of allegiance and Dr. Bruce gave the invocation.
There were only a few visiting Rotarians in attendance today, they included our good friend Barry from South El Monte who was here for his last meeting of the season.
Bob and Marianne Kelchner (above with member Fred Campbell) from the South Bay Sunrise Rotary Club.  Bob and Marianne made a brief announcement about their upcoming Beer & Wine Event which they co-host with two other Rotary clubs and have 1,500 participants annually.  For more information on this great event please visit their website at
There were no guests today, but Andy Lorenz and Merv Kolb were both in attendance and Baird made the heartfelt observation of how having them both here on this day made our rotary family complete. 
It is true that when members are unable to attend our meetings it is not just these members that miss out on the friendship and camaraderie of being with us… but it is also us who miss being able to spend time with them.  It was wonderful to see them both this past week.
President-elect Baird made the following announcements:
President Tom slipped and fell just prior to the meeting and was unable to attend this week.  He is OK… no trip to the hospital this time (pun intended) but there will not be a club board meeting this month.
Baird and Sandy Stewart personally thanked the Wine committee for their herculean efforts in putting together this year’s event which netted the club in excess of $6,000.00!  Specifically thanked were Sandy Stewart, Sandra Lauer, Kevin Pickett and Diane Kelly who all did an amazing job with this event.  [Editor’s note: Special thanks also to Baird and his company Boucher’s Fine Jewelry for their very generous donation of two beautiful necklaces which were raffled off at the event].
It was announced that the City of La Quinta’s 35th anniversary and annual picnic would be held on Saturday April 29th.  (Here comes that space time continuum thing again…) And in fact it was held on Saturday morning where several club members showed up and managed to burn a thousand hot dogs before stuffing them in buns and serving them to the starving citizens of La Quinta.  Despite all the extra preparations to accommodate the County Health Department the inspector never even showed up to appreciate the effort.  No one complained and no one got sick so the event will go down as a success.  The best part of course was the fun shared by the members as they worked together to help the City celebrate its 35th birthday!
The DEMOTION Party will be held this year on June 23rd… President Tom is counting the days!
Marc Rosen announced that there were 21 candidates for scholarships this year from which 15 students were interviewed.  The committee decided to award all 15 students with scholarships in varying amounts.  Marc thanked his interview committee that consisted of Nick, Howard, Sandra Lauer, Judith, Robert Wilkinson, and Cliff and Diana Weaver.  Special thanks to you too Marc for doing such a GREAT job each year with the scholarship program.
With $1,345.00 in the raffle and only 3 marbles left the last of the Andersons (Brett) had the winning ticket.  Tensions mounted as he fondled the marbles in the small black sack until finally Brett’s deft fingers emerged from the darkness holding a single black marble and winning the prize!  Congratulations Brett!!!
Our Fine Master Allan Levin was salivating at the opportunity to lighten no longer poor Brett’s burden of having won all that raffle money… and to everyone’s surprise Brett donated half of his winnings back to the club!  Allan’s mouth went dry and he could barely get the thank you out fast enough.  And a special thank you Brett from all of us for your generosity and continued service to our club.  You are a most excellent Rotarian!  Bob Wright made up his IOU for his wife Jacquelyn’s birthday and things pretty much went downhill from there.  Walter was a few minutes late, Corry (happy to have tax season behind him) paid for 3 no make-ups, Nick and Sandy each chipped in $5 happy dollars and lastly, Andy gave $10 as he was happy to be back amongst us.
Our speaker this day was Mentalist Carl Christman.  Imagine hearing people's thoughts!  Now you know what it's like to be Carl. He is a teacher, mentalist, and author of the best-selling book How to Read Minds & Influence People. He plays with language, psychology, and body language to entertain audiences.  After years of study, Carl transcended the world of academia to become a master mentalist.  Carl is a member of Hollywood's famous Magic Castle and The British Society of Mystery Entertainers.  In recent years, he has become a remarkably popular entertainer at upscale venues and colleges across the country, where audiences marvel at his ability to get inside their minds.  This was Carl’s second visit to our club and he is such a fun and entertaining speaker!  He amazed our members with his mental abilities… for example, he correctly identified stone face Howard’s random roll of dice not once but three times in a row!  He accurately determined who drew which picture from five different Rotarians.  He only missed on two tricks… both involving the two Bruces.  Doctor Bruce managed to throw Carl off his game by concentrating on his ice cream pie instead of the assigned task and of course the other Bruce was accused of not having enough mental capacity for the mentalist to work with!  It was a great program and we all left in awe of Carl’s abilities to read people.  It was unanimously agreed that Carl would not be invited to Allan’s Annual Birthday Poker Game.  To learn more about Carl and his amazing skills please visit his website at:  
President-elect Baird called the meeting to a close at 1:30 PM with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart