Andy and Sandy are greeted by Baird, Tom and Adrian this week
President Corry Hunter rang the bell at precisely 12:15 pm and the program commenced with a visiting Rotarian leading the Pledge of Allegiance and Diane Kelly giving the invocation.
Visiting Rotarians and guests were introduced.
Two lovely young ladies described the "Up With People" show, a program for young people from all over the world that has performed for over 50 years. Cast members need host families so any Rotarians that have a spare room may help. The show will be performed in Palm Springs in the near future.
The President made various announcements:
  • Buy your sign for Strut Your Mutt.
  • Get a sponsor for Strut Your Mutt.
  • Provide a raffle prize for Strut Your Mutt.
  • The next Strut Your Mutt meeting is March 3 at 5:30 pm at Corry's office.
  • The next Board meeting is March 11 at 5:30 pm at Boucher Fine Jewelers.
  • A District Assembly will be held on Saturday, April 18, 2015, at 8:00 pm at Beaumont High School, 39139 Cherry Valley Blvd., Beaumont CA.
The raffle went off well for everyone except Joe LaMantia who got $5. There is $353 in the pot for next week.
Adrian Gysi sold the raffle tickets in a completely non-discriminatory way, as he does each week. He also collected the lunch tickets as he does each week. He's indispensable and deserves our thanks!
Our speaker was the outstanding mentalist, Carl Christman. In a bit of a goof, our fine program planner, Baird Boucher, thought Carl was a "medalist," perhaps from the Olympics. Mentalists, of course, read minds. As the program started and Carl found no minds to read, it appeared we would have to adjourn. Then Diane Kelly saved the day by presenting her mind and Carl correctly reproduced her drawing which existed only in her mind.
In a further experiment, Carl established that Walter Keating was not drunk. This caused several fellow Rotarians to lose their bets. 
Our new member, Eunice, concentrated on a place she would like to get to, and our mentalist Carl got it immediately - Bali. 
Concluding that only the women in the room could provide the necessary minds for a mind reading program, Carl called it quits to a major round of applause. (Your scribe has seen dozens of these acts and this guy is good! Think of him for one of your parties. He's available through the Magic Castle in Hollywood.)  For more info on Carl go to his website at
​Rumors Are Flying: 
  • Next-Year’s-President, Doug Motz, will soon be on his way with Mrs. Next-Year’s-President to Sao Paolo, Brazil, a place from which few return. It is somewhere near the Amazon (or is it the Nile) and is very spooky. 
  • Next year’s Rotary Convention will be held three miles south of North Korea, sometimes known as “Kidnap Country” or “Home of the Hollywood Hackers.” The Feds are expected to release enough bullets to allow Rotarians and their Misses to defend themselves in event of invasion. No word about nuclear bomb protection yet. 
  • Rumors that the 2017/2018 Confab will be held in Antarctica are just that – rumors. It will be in one of the ice hotels in Northern Finland, very cool indeed. 
The meeting adjourned at 1:20 pm with the Four Way Test after assuring that the mind reader had left the building.​
This newsletter was written by Tom McDermott