Friday's meeting, before a small but vocal crowd, was led by President Dan. Tom McDermott led the flag salute and Sam Payne gave the group some thoughtful words. Our visitors were Lisa Guy and Willy Blum, who welcomed us with a tail wave. Willy, who has visited us before, promptly took a nap.

President Dan announced that Lothar is still in Florida with his ailing son. It was also announced that Debbie Payne (Sam's wife) had recent surgery. Our thoughts are for speedy recoveries for our ailing Rotary Family members.

Sam announced a tentative meeting for Interact at La Quinta High on September 1st. Contact Sam with any further questions. All are invited to attend.

President Dan announced that the past-Presidents will hold their second meeting on Tuesday evening, August 31st and that our Club will probably have a foursome at the Coachella Valley East's tournament on September 13th. Contact Bruce Cathcart if you're interested in participating and need further details. President Dan also reminded the members (and Willy, who was still asleep) that August is membership month and that all current members are on the Membership Committee.

The white ball was drawn by Mr. Lucky, Dan Fissori, who had his ticket pulled. Is our President lucky or what?

Our missing finemaster, Allan, returned from a vacation and promptly collected quite a few dollars for anniversaries, birthdays, new car, cell phone interruptions, and even got this reporter for waving to another member the prior week!

The speaker was Annica Meza, manager of Community Corporate relations for Brandman University (a recent name change from Chapman College). Chapman/ Brandman has been in the desert for 35 years. The local campus is in the Berger Building in Palm Desert. There are 25 other campus locations in California and Washington for the privately owned school, as well as on line classes.

The meeting was adjourned and Willy, awakened from his dreams, trotted off with Frank and perhaps an afternoon doggie-bone treat.

Editor's Note: I received the following from Lothar last Tuesday and want to share it with the Club. If you make up at another club, send me your experience and I will share it with our members.

Today (August 17th) I made up at the major Rotary club in Gainesville, Florida. 300 members 175 at each luncheon. Founded in 1918--won best club in the district-- 4 out of the last 10 years.

One of the presenters was an Ambassadorial student just returned from Nigeria. She will be attending U of Flor for her PhD. She was involved with Polio Plus activities in Nigeria. Apparently local politicians have bought into the Polio Plus--one year ago had 300 new cases--recent year just 12. Hardest to reach areas still need work, but it is promising. This has been one of a handful of countries that still needed work--good news from Nigeria!!