Robert and Dick are greeted by Victoria, Baird and Adrian
The Rotary Club of La Quinta meeting of July 17, 2015, commenced on time with new President Doug Motz ringing the bell.
We had two visiting Rotarians from the Desert Hot Springs club and several other guests including Kathy Smith, Paralegal for Lawyer Tom McDermott, who has been keeping the books of our Rotary Club for the last year. She received a well deserved, resounding ovation for her good work.
President Doug also introduced our proposed new member Roberta Kuskie who has been attending the last few meetings and allowing us to get to know her better!
Lothar Vasholz talked to Carol Ramirez of La Quinta High School regarding a new project that Rotarians may desire to get involved in (The Homeless Youth Project). There are approximately 400-500 students at the high school that have no place to sleep at night. They are not exactly homeless, but they have nowhere to go. The desired procedure would be to find someplace for these kids to sleep. 
Dick Anderson recognized the generous giving of Lothar Vasholz by pining him with the Paul Harris accommodation Plus 5. President Doug gave a gift to Sergeant-at-Arms Allan Levin, a gorgeous bottle of wine, commemorating Allan's start as the Sergeant-at-Arms for the coming year (or, perhaps, avoiding any fines for the President). 
The raffle winner was Dick Anderson who received an astounding $5.00. 
President Doug "gifting" Fine Master Allan Levin
The Sergeant-at-Arms Allan Levin stated that he was back from Comic Con with an idea for a "Secret Handshake" that would be available only to Rotarians. Whether the genesis of this idea is from some superhero or is merely a reiteration of old-time hospitality procedures, we still do not know. However, the person who is a Secret Handshaker is holding life or death for Rotarians who refuse or fail to shake his/her hand. 
A new obligation has arisen for Rotarians. All are absolutely required to look at the weekly newsletter and determine if anyone's picture is upside down. If so, they are to immediately to notify Bruce Cathcart who will turn the entire newsletter upside down to match the picture. Dick Anderson's picture was upside down in the last newsletter and Jennifer Donais saw it and believed it to be Tom McDermott. That is reason enough to require severe scrutiny in the future as the slander is obvious.
President Doug with our Speaker David Greenberg
Our speaker was David Greenberg, Attorney at Law from the Office of Rodney Lee Soda. He has spent 22 years as a District Attorney in Riverside County and is now engaging in private practice. He came before us to discuss Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Desert (BBBS) and gave a resounding presentation. He pointed out that there was no organization for kids without a father or a mother. BBBS is to fill that gap. It costs $88,000 a year to keep a man under lock and key in jail, but costs less than $1,100 per year to maintain the BBBS relationship. He said that the organization needs help and looks for volunteers. You can volunteer your time and become a BBBS - an 8 hour minimum commitment per month - or you can give money.  For more information and how to get involved with BBBS of the Desert, please go to their website at
The meeting closed promptly at 1:30 pm with the stating of the 4-Way Test. 
Rumors Are Flying:  The drumbeat is already steady to keep Prezy Doug on for another term. As the first President to replace August meetings with drinking sessions, he gets and receives kudos. One Rotarian said, "It will be just as hot," another replied, "Yes, but who will notice?" 
For those who have qualms about the noir month of August, it's possible to leave Friday morning by 11, fly to the Philippines, meet with the Rotary Club at the Manila Peninsula, and return to the US by 3:00 pm. This is due to time changes and the International Date Line. The cost is $1,800, somewhat north of $18, but it is a valid makeup.
This newsletter was written by Tom McDermott
Editor's Note:  It was suspiciously omitted from this week's newsletter that in searching for an excuse for his absence from a recent Board Meeting this week's scribe Tom McDermott suggested that he too was at Comic Con with current Fine Master Allan Levin.  In checking out the validity of this story your editor uncovered the following photos that bear a striking resemblance to Tom adding some credibility to his excuse.