President Sandy Stewart called the meeting to order at 12:15.  Walter Keating led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and LeRoy Anderson gave the invocation.


Visiting Rotarians including Abraham Thomas from Tiburon and Dick Nicholson from St. Paul, MN.   Guests included Assemblyman Brian Nestande and his District Coordinator Marc Troast.    Rosie Andre-Bevington was a guest of Helen Anderson.



·        No Meeting next week - we are dark due to Thanksgiving Holiday- enjoy your time with friends and family.


·        Board meeting will be December 10th at 5:30 at Boucher’s Fine Jewelers.


·        Thank you to JimBo and Karen Dorr for hosting a good time at the Duck Race Event November 16th.


·        Hops & Props Beer Garden updates given by Allan Levin – some shifts are still available for November 23rd.  Thanks to those participating!


·        Salvation Army Bell Ringing - Lothar Vasholz announced dates to get things started.  Nov. 27th at Trader Joes and November 30th is the big day with all service organizations ringing.  Dick Jandt has sent out emails with times to sign up for the first two days of ringing.


·        Razzle Dazzle Social - Dec. 4th at 5:30pm at  Baird Boucher’s  store - Boucher  Fine Jewelers.  $10 includes food and please bring your own cocktails/wine.


·        Holiday Party December 13th at the Motz home.  Doug will distribute directions/map at the December 6th meeting for those who need directions.  We will be dark that day also.


·        Interact Club - Wes Faris wasn’t present, but Sandy was happy to report that the club is growing.


·        David Turner & David Archer were missing in action, but Sandy reported that Strut your Mutt plans have begun and radio personality Bill Feingold has agreed to MC the event this year with the assistance of Allan Levin.


·        Dick Anderson gave us a report on the water project in the East Valley.  Filter installation has begun in the last trailer park.  Rotary is being recognized by the County of Riverside at their next meeting.  They will be presenting the “Doing the Right Thing” plaque to Dick and Helen Anderson in recognition of Rotary's work in the east valley.  Thanks to everyone who has had a hand in getting this project off the ground and running; the good works are gaining attention.


·        Our raffle winner today was Doug Motz - a white marble and $5 winner!


Allan took to the podium to generate revenue where it was to be had.  We had some late comers in Judith Redwine and Robert Wilkinson.  We had some birthday wives of Rotarians Allan Levin and Baird Boucher - Happy Birthday to Barbara and Lauren.  Happy Dollars and donations were aplenty (although some of them were not entirely voluntary) including Ed Casey, Don Adolph, Bob Wright, Jennifer Donais, Diane Kelly, Lothar Vasholz, LeRoy Anderson and our guest Abraham Thomas for the good people of the club - imagine that!



Our speaker was Assemblyman Brian Nestande.  Assemblyman Nestande gave us a little background on how he came to be in the Assembly, and gave us some examples of good things happening in the assembly and some not so good things.  One of the bills Assemblyman Nestande has authored is to not allow the State to defer education funding as it has in the past.  The State defers funding, but state law requires that school districts still operate on their full budget requiring them to go out and borrow.  The State pays them when they are good and ready but then won’t even reimburse for the interest the school districts have incurred.  A good example of bi-partisanship in the Assembly was the bill on fracking.  Assemblyman Nestande and some others traveled to North Dakota to get educated on the process in order to draft an educated bill including some regulation coupled with common sense to get a bill accomplished.  Assemblyman Nestande then took some questions regarding the Bullet Train and other hot topics.  His main message to us was that common ground must be found.  This is the most important goal in order to move California forward.    Regardless of your political view, that is something I think most of us can agree.   

President Sandy Stewart closed the meeting at 1:30 with the Rotary Four Way Test.


****Another Reminder that we are dark next Friday, November 29th because of the Thanksgiving Holiday and also December 13th because of Holiday Party that evening.****