The bell was rung and the meeting called to order promptly at 12:15 pm. After prexy Doug Motz was told that he was addressing the Rotary Club rather than the Chamber of Commerce, all went well and Doug led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, which apparently is the same at the Chamber or Rotary.
The prayer was given by Dr. Bruce Underwood.
Doug stated that he and his wife Carol had attended the La Quinta High School scholarship awards the night before.
Thirteen awards were given that were sponsored by Rotary at $1,000 each. He said the celebration was very inspirational. 
Allan Levin stated that for the Memorial Day celebration at the Air Museum in Palm Springs, one more Rotarian was needed to serve beer. He got his volunteer.
 Robert Wilkinson read from a letter to the Club submitted by Mary Jane Tran, one of our scholarship recipients. The letter is inspirational and a copy is available upon request.
Madeleine Davis also wrote a letter thanking Rotary for her scholarship. Part of her essay included what Rotary means to her as follows: "Rotary is a gear in the mechanism of the community."  These are words to live by.
The April Rotarian of the Month was Brett Anderson and he received his proclamation. The Rotarian of the Month for May was Mark Rosen who was not present but has received his proclamation. 
Victoria Llort gave the joke of the day which was moderately well received. Her comedy timing is improving. Prior to the joke she spoke of the great experience she had a Crestline with young and potential Rotarians at PRYDE. 
For the second week in a row, Lucky Merv won the raffle and unlucky Merv drew the white marble.
Allan Levin, a fine man, proceeded to do his outstanding job at keeping the La Quinta Rotary in business. He got $20 out of Howard who next week will be hit for another $20 and likely will not remember that he paid this week. Allen himself kicked in $25 for his own birthday. Victoria Llort is turning 25 and paid for her birthday as all looked on jealously. Andy Lorenz had some issues regarding his birthday, his wife's birthday and his anniversary, none of which he seemed to quite understand. Jeff Wattenbarger announced that his niece was an All-American in Lacrosse and he paid for the same. Bruce announced that his wife had just been awarded a 35 year pin for her service with the Desert Sands Unified School District. 
Doug Motz introduced the speaker, our own member Abraham Thomas. He spoke on "immigration and assimilation." Abraham came to the United States in 1965. While in college he met his wife and after the two of them finished college they returned to India. She adopted the dress of the sari and was completely accepted as a citizen and resident of India. 
The couple spent six years in India and then returned to the United States with two children. Abraham stated that an attorney in Lexington, Kentucky, taught him what it meant to be an American and how to be an American. He feels strongly that persons who come to America should assimilate for the purpose of helping America and not for merely economic purposes. 
Abraham has been a member of Rotary for 35 years. His excellent talk was met with great enthusiasm. 
The meeting adjourned at 1:25 PM with the Four-Way Test and best wishes from President Doug to all the members of the Chamber of Commerce. 
Rumors are flying: Next year's prexy in waiting, Baird Boucher, said he was looking forward to the Rotary International convention in Atlantis. He has been a fan of Atlantis since studying the Greek mythology in junior high school. When told it was in Atlanta, the city in the South with a large airport and not much else, he was sorely disappointed ... Atlantis has been under the sea for centuries, so not a great place for a convention ... on the other hand, it seems just the place RI might choose.
This newsletter was written by Tom McDermott
and will be his last for a while as he will take over
For Doug as our Club President for 2016-2017