Rotary Club of La Quinta

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Editor's Note:   This report has been delayed for one week so you will have something to read this week.  Last week you were all enjoying the Thanksgiving Holiday and I am sure you time was spent with family and friends.  And I am sure you were all aware that we were dark last Friday.  So here goes.... 

On Friday, November 16th, President Robert called the eighteenth meeting of the twenty sixth year of La Quinta Rotary to order at 12:15pm. Walter Keating led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Lothar Vasholz gave the invocation.  We had many four visiting Rotarians from District 5040 in British Columbia, Ken Sargent from Alberta, and Bill Grote from the Livermore club.  Andy Lorenz introduced his guest McGee Grisby, a retired attorney from Maryland.

Key Dates and Announcements:

*****We will be dark November 23rd for the Thanksgiving Holiday********

Board Meeting December 12, 2012 at 5:30 pm - Lee Osborne’s board room on Corporate Way. 

 December 15th- Parking Lot sale outside Lumpy’s on Washington- reserve your space.

December 15th-Doug and Carol Motz have graciously volunteered to open their home for the Christmas party.  There will be a sign up sheet and cost to be announced at the next meeting.

Bell Ringing Time - Signup sheets are out and ready to be filled - Trader Joes will be our location again.

Tom McDermott- has agreed to join the ranks of moving through the chairs to President in the future.  There will be a vote on this in the near future.

Past presidents had meeting with some good input and direction and made some decisions which were presented later in the meeting about a fundraiser scheduled for March 23rd.

Lothar Vasholz- gave us some information and a handout on the World Affairs Council of the Desert event held on November 18th at Renaissance Esmeralda.  Dinner and speaker for $65 per person and will be celebrating Rotary Night.

Four Way Test Competition - motion was made to move $250 to the Four Way Test competition to fund that event as we only have $150 in that fund.  Motion and second was made, unanimously passed.

Our raffle winner was Robert Wilkinson picking the winning ticket and winning the big pot with a black marble- congrats Robert!

Allan Levin, Sergeant at Arms, took the podium, and collected for the following:  Jimbo Dorr was celebrating his birthday that very day so Happy Birthday was sung and donation was contributed.  Jeff Wattenbarger celebrated an anniversary, Andy Brakebill donated to the cause for Jan’s birthday, Palmer Riedel  for wife Susan’s birthday , David Archer for Anniversary and New Car purchase, Allan Levin  contributed for his wife’s birthday and Robert Wilkinson donated half of his winnings ($55.00) to the club.  Lothar Vasholz was fined for an error on the Salvation Army sheet he handed out and Andy Lorenz was fined for his error on the email on updating the Club Directory although I’m not sure that he ever paid but did give a detailed explanation about it not being an error.  Happy Dollars came from Andy Brakebill for his report on exchange student Lisa who has finished her first year of college with good grades.  Sandy Lauer contributed for the kindness and the result of her house cleanup being almost completed and wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  One of our guests from British Columbia contributed happy dollar for the fun club atmosphere.  Another guest from British Columbia contributed $20 to the club for the great atmosphere and his wonderful table of Canadian friends. 


A few of the past presidents took the podium to discuss a fundraiser for March 23, 2013.  The short version is that it will be a Dog Show to be held at the La Quinta baseball diamond.  We would sell beer and cook hot dogs.  There would be a pet show and judging contest with best costume, ugliest, etc.  There would be a fee to enter the dog into the contest and we would sell tickets and get the community involved.  Try to find some sponsors including the pet stores; invite other vendors including some other food vendors.  There was some good discussion and there will be more to follow on the progress. 

A thank you to Frank Blum who took notes for me on the fundraiser part as I had to leave for a conference call - thanks Frank!!

President Robert thanked our speakers and closed the meeting at 1:15 with the Four Way Test.