The Rotary Club of La Quinta received its charter in 1985. It came about as a result of eight local business and professional La Quinta citizens wanting their own club. In early 1985, the Governor's Special Representative, Ronald L. Kiedrowski and the following other individuals, Larry Allen, Doug Motz (only remaining charter member), Bill Hoyle, Jim Montgomery, Howard Nelson, Fred Rice (who designed our logo), Arthur Schiff and Bud Ward, (all members of the Indian Wells/La Quinta Rotary Club), met in City Hall to begin the planning of the La Quinta Rotary Club.

Original planning called for the formation of the new club within the next eight to ten months, but when it became known that District Governor E.M. (Ed) Cleve was just one club away from setting an international record for most new clubs formed in one year, the provisional group decided to step things up. On June 26, 1987, the La Quinta Rotary Club was chartered.

The Club was formed with 36 members, partly from the Indian Wells/La Quinta Club. Since that time, La Quinta Rotary has averaged between 45 and 60 members. The club is a friendly group where everyone knows everyone personally.

The La Quinta Rotary Club is actively involved in various community activities through the La Quinta Chamber and Coachella Valley Organizations. 

If you are interested in learning more about our Club and our various activities, please visit us at noon on Friday for lunch at the Cliffhouse Restaurant on Highway 111 in La Quinta.